Ron's Internet Cafe
75/46 Jomtien Beachroad Soi 5
20260 Jomtien (nearby Pattaya)
Cybercafe@Jomtien Beach
Corner Beachroad/Soi 5
20260 Jomtien (nearby Pattaya)
- Airconditioned
- Full support
- Fast 16/1 Mbp/s Connection
- Car and Motorbike Rental
- Travel Agency
- WiFi Hotspot Area
Welcome to our website.
Pattaya and Jomtien have many internet café. Many of these internet cafés are owned by people (Thai or Foreigner) without any or a little experience with computers or internet. While the internet connections (ADSL) are expensive in Thailand most internet cafés are choosing for a low speed consumer connection. Maintenance of the computer will never be done, they don't know. So after a while the computers are not functioning any more or work at very low speed.
In this introduction we want to convince you why you have to use our service.

Ron's INTERNET café and Cybercafé@Jomtien Beach are 2 Dutch owned internet cafés. The owner Ron is an electronic engineer with internet experience from the beginning. We are always looking how we can give you the best service in our shops. So we have always the fastest business connection possible. While others have a consumer 512 Kbps or lower, we can provide you 2 Mbps business connection. Our computers are completely open, that means you can download, save, upload, write cd's, install programs etc., after your visit the computer resets to his standard configuration. Our computers are fully equipped with cd-writer, headset, webcam and USB. Most of our staff speaks English but we can also help you in German and Dutch. In June 2006 we started with wireless internet (HotSpot). That means when you bring your own laptop or computer that you can access our network from your hotel, restaurant or bar. Our cafés are air-conditioned and we can provide you some soft drinks or selected beers. We have a travel agency in Ron's INTERNET café.
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